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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Refurbished Dressers

So I think we have decided to go a more unique eclectic route and instead of doing more modern streamlined cabinets for shelving, going to paint some dressers.  Black glossy dresser with different knobs.

If you see anything around let us know.  We are open to tall, short, long, elaborate, probably nothing too plain.  Also looking for a makeup/beauty type table with the old mirrors. 

So list of stuff to keep an eye open for.... 
1.Black salon all purpose hydraulic chairs.
2. dressers, armoires
3. dining chairs wooden with fabric seats (prefer to have different ones, not all the same)
4. big picture frames and Big mirrors that we can paint different colors.  Ornate ugly gold ones would do the trick to paint.

I'm not finding exactly what I am looking for, but here are some sorta examples.



my old dresser.
traditional living room by The Old Painted Cottage
Etsy :: DDsRestoredFurnit...

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