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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Making a Queen Comforter to a Full

Had to improvise with this gorgeous comforter that was given to me a couple years ago by my cousin.  It's been on our bed, but kept falling off all the time because our bed is so small.  So my friend Keri told me her mom had ingeniously decided to cut a comforter down and I gave it a whirl. 

 before - queen sized
 cut it in half (I cut so that the seam was more to one side, not on purpose.  I just didn't realize it)
 Then I didn't cut quite enough so I cut out another bit

 So now it's the right width
 need to cut some off the length (leaving the end so you have the finished edges)

 so there is the cut out middle section off the bottom.

 So now it's the size of a full size bedspread.  just need to pin them together and sew

 you can sorta see where it is if you look close, but I think it's great. I love this bedspread

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