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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Simple Blanket Tutorial

Super easy peasy.  I am by no means a seamstress.  I just like to make cool stuff (well I think it is) for myself and friends. 

 I started with this already made clearance blanket for like $5 at Hobby Lobby.  Beckett added the milk stain 10 minutes before this photo was taken. :)
 I wanted it more "patchwork" so I did 4 big squares - 2 minky - 2 owl cotton fabric.  So I cut those and laid them out.  Sewed the 2 top ones together, the two bottom ones together.
 Then sewed the 2 sections together.

 I did pin these together working with the silky slick fabrics they moved around a bit.  (I don't sew perfect and I had to just trim along the edges.  Lay out your fabric good (right) sides facing each other.  ugly sides out.  Sewing with the cotton fabric/minky combo on top against will be easier.  Don't forget to leave a hole in the middle to turn it right side out.  Cut your corners, turn right side out,  and push the corners out.  Sew it back up. 

There ya have it.

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