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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Making a Lovie (Lovey)

Lovie or Lovey however you spell it.  Those simple small blankets with or without tags.  This one happens to be just a scrap piece of minky and cotton fabric that I had and a bib that was too cute to put away.
 You need at least 2 things a front and a back - if you wanna add an embellishment like a cute puppy, go ahead.

 1. cut out your puppy and saying and sew around them onto the fabric you choose
 trim your other fabric and put the fabrics right sides together.
 sew around them leaving a hole to turn inside out.  (you can pin this all together if you want so it stays but I don't really do that with little projects cuz I just really am not that picky)
 fold right side out.
 have a cute sick rambunctious toddler making a mess out of everything in the background.

 sew together your hole by folding in those ends and sewing almost to the edge. (you can hand sew it so you don't see the seam, but I'm waaayy too lazy for all that mess!)

 voila finished product.

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